Selma Township


Selma Township Board would like to hear from its residents on allowing and creating short term rental regulations. In addition to this survey please feel free to email any suggestions.

If you would like to fill it out and bring it into the Township Hall, click the link below to download it.

Short Term Rental Survey

Which of the following best describes you?
What is your overall opinion of short term rentals in Selma Township
In what areas of Selma Township do you feel short term rentals should be allowed? Choose all that apply?
In your opinion do you feel short term rentals bring a positive impact to Selma Township?
Which regulations do you feel are most important for short term rentals in Selma Township? Choose all that apply.
Should the number of short term rental permits in Selma Township be limited?
Should permit fees be based on the occupancy limits, set by the Fire code, for each short term rental in Selma Township? 1-4 5-8, 9 or more.